XML Schema is an industry standard that allows defining structure of XML documents. It is hard to imagine that one uses complicated XML documents without a schema. Participants of the training learn the most important features of XML Schema. They also create their own schemas and learn how to use them in practice.

The training is for:

  • analysts and designers of IT systems,
  • programmers that use XML in their applications, 
  • specialists involved in information management, electronical publishing or application integration.


  • general knowledge of XML, related standards and business applications of XML,
  • prior participation in the training "Introduction to XML" is recommended.

By the end of the training participants will have learned:

  • most important XML Schema features, its strengths and weaknesses,
  • how to create schemas for typical cases,
  • which alternative schema standards are available, and what are their strengths and weaknesses. 

Training duration: 2 days.

Methodology: lectures and exercises. Most of the time is spent on doing exercises and their discussion. Trainees actively participate in the training.

Training outline:

Day 1.

  1. Introduction to XML Schema.
  2. Modelling structure of XML documents.
  3. Namespaces.

Dzień 2.

  1. Types in XML Schema.
  2. Identity constraints.
  3. Substitution groups.
  4. Overview of other XML Schema features.
  5. Overview of alternative schema languages.

Altova Training Partner During the training we use Altova XMLSpy software.