This training gives basic knowledge about XML - a popular markup language used in IT projects, standards related to XML, business applications of this technology and available tools.

The training is for:

  • management responsible for IT projects,
  • project managers,
  • analysts and designers of IT systems,
  • specialists involved in information management, electronical publishing or application integration.


  • elementary knowledge of Internet standards,
  • elementary knowledge of architecture, design and communication methods of IT systems and applications.

By the end of the training participants will have learned:

  • the concepts of XML and related standards,
  • potential business applications of XML and available tools that support these applications,
  • how to decide whether to use XML in IT projects and which supporting tools to use. 

Training duration: 1 day.

Methodology: lectures with examples, discussion. Trainees actively participate in the training.

Training outline:

  1. XML - past and present.
  2. Overview of standards and tools related to XML.
  3. XML applications related to document management, processing and publishing.
  4. XML applications related to electronic data interchange and application integration.
  5. XML and databases.
  6. Proigramming with XML - overview of standards and tools.