Training approach

When preparing and giving trainings, we stick to a number of basic rules. They make our sessions a unique experience for the participants.

Our trainer is always the author of a given training. He prepares a detailed plan and contents of the training. Thus he is deeply involved, shares his experience and provokes discussion. Our trainers are passionate IT professionals, and they show their passion during the trainings.

What counts in an analyst/designer's work is practice and experience. Therefore we spend most of the training time doing exercises. On basic courses we devote ca. 30% of time to lectures, while on advanced courses - just ca. 15%. The remaining time is devoted to exercises proper.

Most of our standard trainings do not exceed 3 days. Instead of trainings that last for weeks, we offer training paths comprising a series of short courses.

To efficiently do analysis and design, one has to know certain techniques and notations (UML, BPMN, XML Schema and others). But we treat notation just as a means, not an end in itself.

It is hard to imagine an analytst's or designer's work without specialized CASE tools like Enterprise Architect, MagicDraw or Eclipse. However, teaching the tools is not the main subject of our courses.

Software design is part art. There is no perfect model for all cases. During our trainings we show that, besides knowledge, analysts and designers need imagination and intuition.