UML and object-oriented analysis

training path

Proposed training path

Object-oriented analysis and design are now most popular techniques of designing IT systems. UML (Unified Modelling Language) is a graphical diagram notation commonly used in object-oriented analysis and design. On our trainings we teach various modelling techniques, but we also show that analysis and design are like art. It is not just a matter of knowing UML notation, so we teach object-oriented thinking on real practical examples.

Participants of this course learn basic and advanced rules of modeling in UML, create their first UML diagrams and learn to use proven patterns and best practices. The course is an overview of all kinds of UML diagrams. 

Business domain model (class model) is the most important, central part of the analysis, and a starting point for technical design. Therefore we dedicate the whole 3-day training to this important subject. Participants of this course learn business domain model rules and techniques by creating their own models for practical cases. They also analyze, how various modelling techniques fit for certain business assumptions.

Participants of the course learn basic work techniques with Enterprise Architect, learn how to organize and maintain model structure and how to generate project documentation. They also learn techniques of teamwork in various configurations of EA environment.

The course is an intensive preparation to OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP2) exam at the Foundation level. Participants learn UML topics covered by the exam syllabus and analize sample UML models.