Project management

One of the most frequent reason of failed projects are pitfalls in project management. Even the best team, when poorly managed, will have problems with delivering delegated tasks. Companies, in order to be competitive, must constantly improve efficiency of their projects. Therefore there is still need for professional, effective project managers. During our trainings we teach practical approach to project management based on proven techniques, best practices and tools. We go beyond formal methodologies and project management and document required by these methodologies.

The most popular methodology of project management is PRINCE2. But projects that are formally managed according to PRINCE2, are often chaotic and use the "put out fire" method. In such projects, PRINCE2 documentation is created just to satisfy formal requirements. Participants of this training learn basics of PRINCE2 methodology and how to use it efficiently, without extensive bureaucracy, in IT projects.

Participants of the training learn how to guide the public institution through implementation of an IT system and how to deal with problems that emerge during IT projects.