Companies that buy customized IT systems from their providers usually have no experience in IT. It is difficult for them to precisely and clearly define requirements, and pass them to the provider. A provider that receives unclear or incomplete requirements is not able to properly estimate the project size and scope.

As the project continues, business specialists receive analysis documents from the provider. Unfortunately, they are not able to verify, whether they conform to their expectations, because the documents contain IT language and a lot of diagrams. This is the reason why so much projects exceed budget and time.

We were working for years in IT projects on the provider''s side. We were doing analysis and design job together with our customers. We understand requirements of business specialists, and we are able to specify them as precise and clear requirements. We know what is important for a system provider. We do not forget about all the things that are "obvious" for business specialists, although the provider has no idea about them.

We offer consulting services to organziations that buy IT systems from their providers. These services include:

  • defining requirements,
  • audits of analysis and design documents,
  • representing or supporting the customer in contacts with the provider.